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Recent Projects

Sexton and Company has been really busy the past couple of months. From development of three interactive CD-ROMs for the National Renewable Energy Lab to video productions for the Army and the State of Wyoming.

Sexton and Co. - A top Denver, Colorado Video Production Company

Sexton and Company is a Denver, Colorado digital agency specializing in traditional and online video production for our clients. The company is run by Jerry Sexton, a 20 year veteran of the Internet with expertise in interactive media, web development, search engine optimization and video production. As a video documentary producer he has worked all over the world in a variety of economic conditions to include the Arctic Circle and the Amazon River.

Founded in 1996, Sexton and Company has successfully implemented custom DVD and video solutions for hundreds of clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. Some of our clients listed below, span numerous industries to include technology, non-profits, government, education, energy, and others.

We focus on the user in our video production process. Far too often, videos provide an abundance of information in an unorganized format or one based on a company's internal organizational stucture, relying on the user to synthesize the information.

If you're seeking to partner with a leading video production company with a proven record of creating compelling video productions, contact us today.

Some clients we have directly worked with include:

Agilent Technologies, United States Air Force, American Forces Information Service, American Water Works, Atlas One Point, AOL, Avaya, Baylor University, Burnsley Hotel, The Cable Center, CAPCO, Castle Rock Industries, Cobe Cardiovascular, Colorado Film and Video Association, Colorado National Guard, Colorado Park Service, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Student Loans, Community Bankshares, Community College of Aurora, Department of Defense, DirecTV, Ebook, Echostar, Education Technology Training Center, Emily Griffith Center, Florida State University, Frontier Airlines, FrontierVision, Great West Life, Hewlett-Packard, Ice-O-Matic, Information Management Research (IMR), Innovest, Lucent Technologies, MacDonald Hardwoods, Metlife, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Navigant, NCTI – National Cable Telecommunications Institute, nCUBE, Nokia, Redfeather Snowshoes, Regal Cinemedia, Rheem Team, Sanborn, Seagate Technologies, Sonic Solutions, StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, Trico, University Hospital, U.S. Geological Survey, VECO, Veterans Administration, Viawest, and Westwood College


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